Insurance Compliance Services

The FOS wants people to know that it can provide information about its service in different formats and adapt the way it communicates with consumers, depending on their needs. For exampe, it can use Braille, large print or audiotape and can make and receive calls using Text Relay. In addition audio clips are available in many different languages, including sign language. Information on its website is available in different formats - including as "hard copy".

The FCA's 2015/16 annual funding requirement (AFR) is £481.6m, up from £446.4m in 2014/15. It has proposed an overall 8.4% rise in fees to meet this increase. For Fee Block A19 (insurance mediation) the AFR increases to 28.1m from 25.9m - an increase of 8.5%. However, the overall costs to insurance intermediaries should be lower this year - due to 'zero' FSCS levy.