When you sign up to a new smartphone contract it's easy to forget that you're walking around with something worth up to £700 in your pocket. Drop it or have it stolen and you could be faced with a big bill while still having to pay off the rest of your contract. Insuring your mobile makes sense. And we believe that mobile phone insurance should be straighforward, easy to use when you need it, and available at a fair price. When you insure your phone with Buy Mobile Phone Insurance it's covered by Lloyds of London, the world's oldest insurer.

You can be confident that your claim will be handled fairly and efficiently by our specialist claims team. We make terms and conditions as simple as we can and we make it a priority to settle legitimate claims promptly - minimising the time you are without your phone. We always replace stolen or Irreparably damaged phones with new units, unlike some competitors who use refurbished phones.