WH & R McCartney Insurance

Based in Lanarkshire, WH & R McCartney is Scotland’s oldest independent insurance broker. The business was set up in 1932 by two brothers who chose financial services as a career over coal mining. The two current Directors – Kenneth McCartney and Graeme Robb – are the third generation of the family to run this well-known and growing insurance business. As an independent broker we place business with a panel of major insurers as well as more specialist providers for complex and harder to place risks, our only concern when placing business is to serve our client’s best needs.

We are a member of Compass Network, the UK's largest insurance broker network, which allows us to offer much more than many other brokers.

Our membership allows us to benefit from their enhanced collective strength, enhanced bargaining power and competitive premiums, all of these benefits are passed on to our clients in the way of exclusive products and premium savings. At WH & R McCartney we believe in the importance of developing strong, close relationships with our clients and we work hard to get to know and understand them.

We hold regular meetings to review the covers in place and offer advice on controlling and managing their risk. Of course the real test of any insurance is the claims service provided, we handle all claims in-house and have a proven track record of getting claims settled quickly and successfully.