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The leading site on the Internet dedicated solely to musicians' insurance needs. We are specialists in the field of musical instrument insurance and all music-related insurance policies and have negotiated discounted rates exclusively for musicians, both professional and amateur.

We have been serving the music industry's insurance needs since 1971 with excellent insurance products at great prices. Our expert and friendly staff will help you make sure you have everything covered just the way you want it.

Patrick Tucker
22 Jan, 2020


I have been with Victor C. Knight for a number of years - but never again! I received a letter from them informing me that my insurance had not been renewed, and as of that day (a Saturday), it would be illegal for me to drive as I was no longer insured. They would get in touch with me as soon as possible. They did not. After many phone calls over the next three days being unanswered, or answered and suddenly cut off, or with promises of being rung back never happening, I was finally told after THREE days of being unable to drive my car that they would be unable to offer me a new policy. Their website claims that there will be a reminder from them when the insurance renewal is coming up - this never happened. I was left in the lurch, with no help or assistance, and I had to myself find another insurer. I consider their behaviour unprofessional and inconsiderate, and would never recommend them to anyone. 22 January 2020.

S Warner
28 Mar, 2024

Epping, Essex

Do not go anywhere near this company. I have insured through Victor C Knight since the 1980’s and I am afraid that the new owners are the most unprofessional outfit you will ever encounter. Faced with awkward questions, they will not answer or return your calls. Nor will they reply to emails other than with stock script. Quite simply, they are uninterested and show no personalisation or respect for your business. What a great shame that Victor Knight’s name is still associated with this shameful company that has taken over. There is a reason why their review score is only 2.7 on Google!! I wish I could award no stars! You have been warned.

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