Oakes Insurance Consultants

Someone appreciates us. It's not often that a client takes the time to say thank you but when they do it's comforting. Oakes Insurance provides a high quality, personal insurance service. We are very much insurance professionals, deliberately choosing not to dilute our expertise by diversifying into other business areas. Our goal is always to ensure that the policies we recommend are precisely the right products for you. By making just one call to us, you can have any number of appropriate quotes - from the 'well known' to the 'not so well known' insurers in the UK.

We will provide you with researched options specific to your individual needs. Furthermore we will help you to pursue any claim. Not only will we advise as to exactly what you can claim and the limits under your policy but, if there are any problems, we are here to help you sort them out. There's no point in taking out insurance if - when you need to make a claim - your cover might let you down.