Landlords & Letting

Please note that these FAQs are for general guidance only. Landlords and Letting act only as an introducer and as such under FSA Guidelines you should seek absolute guidance from the insurer themselves should you so require. In all cases, the tenant must not be admitted to the property until cleared funds for the Security Deposit and first month's rent have been received. Q. Do you also cover DSS, Student Tenants and Asylum Seeker Tenants? Self Employed, Students, people who are claiming DSS benefits and assylum seeker tenants are only acceptable if they have passed a full tenant reference and are guaranteed (by way of a guarantor agreement correctly assigned to the Tenancy Agreement) by a person/organisation that has also passed a tenant reference.

These kinds of tenants will require a guarantor. I have discovered that one of the prospective tenants has a CCJ, does this make a difference? A. In the case of policies with NO excess, rent is paid from the first month of non-payment.