Hughes & King

The business rapidly grew in the personal insurance sector mainly due to the charismatic nature of Charlie Hughes. 1988- New legal regulation made it almost impossible for a Life Assurance agent to run a General Insurance Brokerage so Peter Charlton sold the General Insurance to Hugh Pead and John Wilson. Peter Charlton continued to work as an agent of Canada Life for many years. Peter King was previously a Commercial Union branch manager and John Power a specialist in company pension schemes.

Both CB Hughes and King & Power grew in size over the following years by providing the local community with quality insurance products and a very personalised service. 1995 - John Power sadly died in 1995 and Peter King retired in 1996 leaving his son Steve King to take over King & Power. 2004 - Hugh Pead and Steve King successfully ran their own businesses for a further eight years and merged the two firms to become Hughes and King Insurance Brokers.