FML Insurance Services

The Company's reputation has been built on the Construction Sector, specialising in High Risk Liability, including Civil Engineering, Roofing, Scaffolding and Steel Works, to mention a few. The Company has a very strong Leisure Division, which includes, amongst others, schemes for Inflatables, Bouncy Castles, Play Equipment, Gymnasiums, Paintball, Skate Parks, BMX Bikers, Health Centres, Leisure Centres, Disc Jockeys, Marquee Owners and Hirers and Laser Tag. The Company's Service Charter is in compliance with the FCA Directive of 'Treating Customers Fairly' Recommendations and provides insurance quotations from a wide range of markets.

There is a considerable emphasis on dealing with claims promptly, efficiently and with the minimum of delay. FML are strongly independent and we feel this allows us to offer more to our customers. As we are not dictated to by a network or a parent company we can evolve for the benefit of our clients.