Barrs Insurance

Barrs Insurance Services has been in existence since 1951. It was originally established by Mr David Barrs who is still living near Basingstoke. The business has been passed down generations and is still a family run business. The current owners are Mark Richards and Helen Piper we have been running the business for over 17 years, we celebrated our 15th year in May 2012.

We used to visit more of our clients but unfortunately due to many regulations we are not permitted to leave the office unattended for too long, and being family run with only two partners this is quite difficult. We are nearly always on hand at the end of the telephone and if you leave a message we should be able to get back to you on the same day. There is no need to worry about extensions, or talking to a different person each time you phone. Our office is very close to our home, so clients are welcome to visit us after making prior arrangements.

We are your first port of call if you have a query, or need to make a claim.