Bargate Holroyd Insurance Brokers

John and Sue Holroyd formed the Partnership of Bargate Holroyd Insurance Brokers in 1981 using the name of the building, Bargate House to claim a more prominent position in the telephone directory. This, together with their strong conviction that the interests of the customer should be placed above all else, has resulted in Bargate Holroyd prevailing over the four other Brokers who practiced in Oakham in those days. Always being fiercely independent, now that daughter Katie is taking an interest in the business, this is set to continue.

Many people believe that they can cut the cost of their insurance by going "on line" and placing the cover themselves. However the advantage of employing Bargate Holroyd as your Broker is demonstrated by the results they have achieved in negotiating settlement of difficult claims, some of which are shown below.