Rigsby Insurance

We are an underwriting agency, that have been underwriting Landlords insurance and unoccupied property since 2005 for a number of insurers. So why do we exist? Insurance companies like Catlin would prefer to insure lines of business, such as ours, in block.

Rigsby insurance underwrite each property individually and report back to the insurer every month. So we issue the documents and collect your premium then pass the premium over to the insurers who will pay your claim. Simple real.

Why choose Rigsby Landlord insurance? Because we offer a personal service, we have competitive rates and fantastic cover. We also understand our landlord insurance product better than anyone else. This means we are able to understand your needs and whether or not our products are suitable for you. We can also answer any questions you may have there and then.

I am sure you are too young to remember the hit sitcom of the mid to late 70’s Rising Damp. We loved the show and, more importantly the landlord Rupert Rigsby, so much we wanted to call our company Rigsby Insurance. Can you remember the cat Vienna? Well we thought we should have the cat as our logo and call him Rigsby.